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All Day Expeditions from Moss Landing

Explore farther, see more, and soak up your own world-class marine wildlife adventure!

All-Day Tickets Ages 12 and up

Monterey Bay All Day Expeditions

ALL DAY EXPEDITIONS give us the freedom to explore the Outer Bay, search for more species, and linger longer with the amazing wildlife of Monterey Bay.

Our All Day tours in April and May are scheduled to make the most of Killer Whale Season, when mammal-hunting Bigg’s (transient) orcas patrol the deep Monterey Canyon to ambush northbound gray whale calves. For many wildlife enthusiasts and photographers, the chance to witness this “National Geographic moment” in real life is worth traveling halfway around the world. Seeing this from our open boat makes the experience even more memorable. Humpback whales usually arrive in Spring and sometimes harass the killer whales.

We can also schedule All Day Expeditions during the Summer and Fall, so if you’re keen to spend more time with humpbacks and increase your chances of seeing blue whales, fin whales, offshore dolphins species like Northern right-whale dolphins, or even beaked whales, please email us with your dates. We love the seabirds too so tell us if you want to see albatrosses, shearwaters, auklets, and Spring/Fall migrants.

Trip Length: 6–8+ hours

All Day means six to eight hours, and sometimes longer, tailored to the interests of everyone on board and to the day’s conditions. Bring sufficient food, water, and sunscreen.

Age Limit: 12

All-day trips require extra endurance and self-reliance so for the safety and enjoyment of all on board, kids must be at least 12 years old.

What to Wear & Bring

  • Dress in layers because it can range from very cold to nicely warm in the Spring, and generally cold in Summer. We recommend wearing long pants and closed shoes even if it’s warm on land, and bringing a fleece or warm jacket.
  • Sun hat with chin-strap, warm hat, gloves, sunscreen
  • We have windproof-waterproof jackets and pants to loan everyone.
  • Food & Drink: Pack a picnic lunch as well as sufficient snacks to get you through the day if it’s too rough or we’re having too much fun to stop and eat. Please no glass containers, messy/gooey/crumbly snacks, Cannabis, or sharp knives. Bring enough water or beverages for yourself.


  • Pack sparingly. There is dry storage for one small soft bag or daypack per person on board.
  • Please do not bring large or stiff-frame backpacks. Gear that doesn’t fit in our storage cooler will have to go at your feet and should be waterproof.
  • Lightweight plastic shopping bags are not suitable.

Photography & Gear

  • Cameras of all kinds are welcome.
  • Phones and point & shoot cameras will be safe in jacket pockets.
  • Our dry-bags can protect a DSLR with up to 400mm/f4 lens.
  • Lenses over 400mm are usually impractical, though on super-smooth days our photographer Don brings his 600 on a monopod.
  • Tripods don’t work on boats.
  • Camera bags should have a splash-proof cover.


All Day Expeditions will NOT GO BACK BECAUSE OF SEASICKNESS. It’s your responsibility to come prepared. You should have prior experience at sea and already know what you need to prevent seasickness. Some people need prescription drugs. If you do not have experience on the open ocean, or if medication has failed to work for you in the past, please contact us to discuss whether this is the right tour for you. Remember to start medication in advance. In the US both Dramamine and Bonine are available at any drug or convenience store (Kwells is a UK brand not sold here. It’s better than ours so bring it if you’re coming from across the pond). There are more tips on our website. Feel free to email if you have questions or concerns.


  • There is no enclosed restroom on the boat, and if you’re comfortable going in the woods while hiking you’ll do fine at the back of our boat. If outdoor options are not for you, please choose a shorter tour. There are restrooms at our location to use before boarding.
  • We have a camping style bucket toilet on board and the option to aim off the back of the boat. Women may find it liberating to purchase a pee funnel before the trip, and practice with it at home (Freshette, She-Wee). Really, it’s the best thing. Trust Captain Kate.

What’s Included

  • Your captain and naturalist for the day
  • Use of waterproof jackets and pants, and dry-bags for cameras
  • Comfortable Mustang self-inflating life vests

What’s Not Included

  • Food and drinks are not provided.
  • Gratuities are always appreciated for a job well done.

Day Of Your Tour

  • Be ready to board for our safety briefing 15 minutes before departure time.
  • Arrive half an hour early to pay for parking, use the restroom, and gather your gear for boarding.

Meeting Location

  • Moss Landing Public Boat Ramp (north harbor) (Moss Landing, CA), near Elkhorn Yacht Club
  • Note: Moss Landing is 25 miles north of Monterey, halfway to Santa Cruz.
  • Also, our wildlife-rich location is away from the main harbor where all other boats load.
  • Please read the driving directions and don’t rely on Google.
  • Be sure to pay for parking

What makes us so **unique and different** from other boats is our vessel. Our *Ranger* provides a low to the water, open platform that is ideal for **wildlife viewing and photography**. We can easily travel faster than other boats, allowing us to reach spectacular destinations and wildlife in a shorter time, though we are careful to moderate our speed in respect for the wildlife. Once we stop to enjoy a sighting, our engines are nearly silent at idle, and we often turn them off to soak in the natural sounds.