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Fast Raft COVID-19 Information

We’d Rather Be Whale Watching!
Wouldn’t you?

This is an extremely difficult challenge for small businesses to weather, and we hope to make it through, with a bit of help and patience. We truly appreciate the support and encouragement we’re receiving from our wonderful passengers.

If you want to see whales but can’t make it out right now, please consider buying Gift Cards now. That would really help us as we survive this challenging time. Thank you!

Fast Raft’s Safety Advantages

Our small-group, open air boat offer the lowest exposure risk option for whale watching. When coronovirus first started, we were the first whale watching company on Monterey Bay to proactively institute thorough sanitation protocols for our tours. We will continue to provide high-level sanitation and careful safety measures when we are able to resume tours. We don’t want to get sick either!

Note: The captain may refuse boarding to anyone who is obviously sick (coughing or sneezing), has had contact with anyone who might have the coronavirus, or who refuses to cooperate with our protocols. The captain may also end a tour early without refund if passengers do not cooperate with safety measures while at sea.

Why Fast Raft is Lower Exposure

  • Small, open-air boat
  • Only six (6) other people on board, not dozens or 150
  • No enclosed spaces—sunlight UV is a great disinfectant
  • Moss Landing parking lot and dock have very few people, never a crowd
  • We meet at the dock without going into a building
  • There’s no food service (bring your own snacks)

What We’re Doing

  • Greeting guests with a friendly wave
  • Keeping personal distance as much as possible
  • Washing our own hands often
  • Carrying hand sanitizer, tissues, and a trash bag
  • Spraying hospital-grade disinfectant all contact surfaces on the boat between tours
  • Spray sanitizing our loaner waterproof gear after each use
  • Both Captain Kate Spencer and Photographer/Naturalist Don Baccus are isolating at home when not on the ocean (and we hope you are too!)

What We’ll Require You To Do

  • Wash hands right before tour
  • Wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth during all interactions on the dock and the entire tour
  • Use a tissue (provided) for coughing, sneezing, or touching your face, and put the tissue directly into the provided lined trash bag
  • Use hand sanitizer directly after using a tissue or touching the mask
  • If you are sick, please stay home. We will work with you to reschedule if possible. 

What Else You Can Do

  • Sanitize your camera, phone, and any gear before the tour 
  • Bring your own waterproof/windproof outerwear
  • Bring your own snacks, ginger ale, and water
  • Plan minimal stops in public places before and after your tour

More Information

For Monterey County, California health orders and updates, see the Monterey County Health Department website

For current information on the novel coronavirus in California, visit the California Department of Public Health.

For United States national information, visit the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Thank You! We at Fast Raft Ocean Safaris want you to have a safe and enjoyable ocean experience. We look forward to sharing the marvels of Monterey Bay with you. We thank you for doing your part to keep us all safe, and for supporting our very small business.

See you on the water!

Hand Washing Instructions

Wonder why everyone is emphasizing hand washing? Here’s a PSA for non-science folks: Sounds banal, but soap really IS an amazing weapon. This is because coronavirus is an “enveloped” virus, which means that it has an outer lipid membrane layer. Basically, it’s surrounded by a fat layer. Washing your hands with soap and water has the ability to “dissolve” this greasy fatty layer and kill the virus. Soap doesn’t just wash it off you — it kills it.

Lather up for 20 seconds!
Use a paper towel to turn off the water and open the door.
Cover your cough and please STAY HOME if you are coughing and/or have a fever.

Remember: you’re not just protecting yourself, you’re keeping the virus from reaching vulnerable elderly and immune-compromised people. Thank you!

Coronavirus tips: Wash your hands, use a tissue for coughs, avoid touching your face
Hand Washing Instructions:
Wash Your Hands graphic